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hello, i am ayase-kun~* its nice to meet you all!*bows traditional style*...i hope my heart will close soon...anyway i love anime...im shy oh; and i like drinking slurpies and drawing characters from anime

A broken heart can be healed by just one hug. being a clock work angel is so hard sometimes......

Also my lovely angels (fans) and vistors if you enjoy a story tell i'll update just for you guys! I enjoy updating it's just for me to choose which one.

  • Ayase-kun~*
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    this is fabulous I love it ~*
    Bloody Rabbit
    Bloody Rabbit
    Based after right after Ezio has become a assassin. Ezio has been sent on a mission to track down a bank robber that has been appearing all over Florence. The problem is he knows the robber all to well....
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