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  • awsomesinger101
    please up date this book i <3 ed it
    Not Anymore (slowly editing)
    Not Anymore (slowl...
    Cheryl is a werewolf. She was part of the Moonlight pack. Cheryl was bullied and abused all the time. The only people that were nice to her were her parents who were killed in a hunters attack trying to...
  • awsomesinger101
    please add a new chapter that book was really good
    Wolf princess
    Wolf princess
    Kara is a canis lupus, In Romanian that means grey wolf. basically she is a were wolf and she belongs to the american pack, as their princess. when prince of the Romanian pack, Fane, comes to stay across...
  • awsomesinger101
    i need that to be up dated like.......now!!!!!!!
    You got served, Alpha
    You got served,...
    A WEREWOLF rejection/romance/love story. Lexine Winheart, the sixteen years old girl who has been neglected by everyone. She is constantly being harassed and treated harshly by her pack and her family....
  • awsomesinger101
    i love this story ,the plot i would apsalootly r dead this when u add a few more chapters plz add more
    fear of love
    fear of love
    She's scared of him... but she wants him... He will do any thing for her... but will not set her free... they love each other... but none of them are brave enough to say the word...
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