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    wow. i wish i could write like that!! my poetry movella(a posy of poems) isnt half as good as yours
    The Girl Who Danced With Death
    The Girl Who Dance...
    I have worked on this for a while to hopefully get it as good as I can make it, though as with all my other work, I gladly accept any constructive criticsm so it can improve. It's my first stab at poetry...
  • awespiring

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    hi all!! this is me. (awespiring) im a new member on movellas, hoping that im going to get feedback on my writing. im actually in the middle of writing a novel, and im considering publishing anthology of poems, but i figured it would be smarter to sign up to movellas to get what my mom calls "constructive criticism". basically, i dont want to get laughed out of the publishers. also, since im "only 14" , i probably wont even be taken seriously. ah, me !! the injustices i suffer. :) but please guys, if you read this poem, i hope youll take out a few seconds to give me your feedback. id really appreciate the responses of more seasoned and better authors. and maybe someday, (if you help!!) , i'll publish a book, or who knows, even a series!! seeing as how ive been writing since i was 10, i sincerely hope so. Wish me luck!!
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