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When I was 11 I started to love writing. Ever since then I've been able to have lots of fun doing it, and creating my own stories. By joining Movellas I'm going to write many great stories.

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    I love it!
    Kidnapped on a normal day (1D fanfic)
    Kidnapped on a nor...
    Hey its cassy! so i was out with my friend, then came home to my rapist father, for me a normal day. Oh and btw i was also kidnapped by my idols. read to find out! or dont i dont care.
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    mumbled "Sorry"

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    I didn't like my one fanfic so I deleted it. But I'm making a new one called Liam Payne's sister so plz read it :)
    4 years ago
    Wait which one? And are you still writing the kidnapped one? I really hope you are.
    4 years ago
    I'm still writing it don't worry :)
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    I love this story :)
    My Bully From Bradford
    My Bully From Brad...
    Hi! My name is Yasmin. I live with my friend Sammy. Why? It's the usual story. I'm an orphan. I go to Bradford High. After I broke up with my boyfriend I'm not that popular as before. Of course I get bullied....
    5 years ago
    Thanks! Why don't you update that story with the girl named Alexis or something?
    5 years ago
    Workin on it
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