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Avril is not my real name, but I'd rather keep my identity a secret...

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    mumbled "My name is Avril."

    Hiya! I'm new here. I don't believe I'll be 'mumbling' a lot, as I'm not exactly keen on the idea of putting too much on the internet. The most I'll post will be when I have updated a story, or --when I eventually set it up-- if I post on my blog. But I will be active in other ways on this website. Maybe with roleplaying, and reviewing other peoples' work.
    Okay... that's it.
    May Hayashi
    1 years ago
    Hey :) Nice to meet you, hope you have fun on Movellas. Make sure you check out the forums for roleplaying (if you haven't already). If you need any help with anything just ask me, or pretty much anyone else on here because we're all pretty friendly ^_^
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