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    please more :)
    Little Black Dress
    Little Black Dress
    We just stood in line. He stood there in front of us and looked at all of us. He started to walk. I dropped my eyes down to my feet. He stopped in front of me. I watched his shoes. He lifted my face and...
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    I need more of this!!!
    Fifty Shades Of Sophia
    Fifty Shades Of...
    The sequel to Fifty Shades Of Justin has finally arrived. Life for Justin and Sophia has never been better. What more could you want when you have endless love, all of the money you could possibly ask...
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    Pleeease update
    Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)
    Claimed by the wor...
    The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'. She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably. She id the one, that will always him, and...
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    Hi! Would you want to do one for me? My name is Milja and I'm from Finland.I have brown hair and blue green eyes. I would love to have JC and I don't care what happens :) thanks if you do write
    O2L Imagines
    O2L Imagines
    Imagines for you guys by me! How to get me to make you one: Comment things about yourself. (ex: eye and hair color, personality, etc.), your name, what member you want, and what you want to happen.
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    Please update <3
    Crystal is a 18 year old girl, trying to get through life, but its being ruined by her father. All she has is her friend Adora. When they herd O2L was coming to Toronto for the Digitour, they jumped...
    3 years ago
    i will soon! i am sooooo busy with school! i will try to update tonight if i can!
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