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    This storyline is amazing- but i've told you that before!
    I have some little things you could use to make it better though...will tell you about them later though, face to face, keep writing hope to join you on this writingfest soon.
    Sorry for keeping hushedyhush on who i am
    3 words: All time low

    ;D xxxxxx
    Finding Theo
    Finding Theo
    "What I cannot get out of my head from that horrible, horrible night was the look on Theo’s face that moment. It was a look of utter fear, guilt, and desolation all at once. I noticed the sheer vulnerability...
    6 years ago
    Thank you so much mocakes :D I'd love some ideas to improve- tell me anything, I could guess who you were by your name 'Ava' and then when you said 'face to face', cause if it wasn't my Moya then I would have a Movella stalker...
    And of course, your mention of All Time Low!!!! xxxxxxxx
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