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I'm Ava Peyton!

I'm sixteen and live in America.
I have a cat and a dog, and as you may think, they don't get along very well.
I got one sister, and shes awesome.

Writing has almost always been a fascination of mine.
Writing is where I can really express myself -and yes, i know how cheesy and cliche that sounds- and where no one can judge me.
Most people can judge me on here with mean and hateful comments, but the truth is, everyone on here is faceless to me.

They don't know me. So they can't hurt me.
I don't know them. So they can't change me.
-If you love writing, but get held back by all of the hateful comments, put this up on your wall, or in your comments, or in your desciption, it might not stop them, but it will stop and remind you, that they don't matter. You can do this, if its what you love to do. Don't let them stop you.

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    Title: Impulse
    Author: AvaPeyton
    Book summary: There is a lot of action and romance in it. I'd like the cover to make it show that the book is very intense and very serious but like I said, romantic.
    Genre: romance/action

    I hope you can make this work! Thanks! :)
    J.K. Panesar's Cover Store (CLOSED!)
    J.K. Panesar's Cov...
    J.K. Panesar's Cover Store! Do you need a cover? Do you want me to make you one? Then just follow the instructions from the movella and I will try my best to provide you with one that you will love!
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    Cover Requests▲Open:

    Title: Impulse
    Author: AvaPeyton
    Description: It's a book filled with action/adventure/romance. Has a lot of fighting and things like that.
    On cover: I don't really care who exactly it is. Just a girl with golden hair and is pale, and a guy with brownish hair and brown eyes. Maybe they could be like close together or something
    Mood: Intense (showing that there is serious things going on) and a bit of romance
    Quotes: No quotes (maybe you could think of something)

    I hope this isn't too complicated! Thanks!
    Cover Requests▲Closed
    Cover Requests▲Clo...
    Hey...I'm back!!! So if you need a cover look in the chapter below what I will need.
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    Hi guys! I'm not sure if anyone is even going to see this, but hopefully some people do. Ok. So as you could read in the previous mumble, I just deleted chapter two of impulse before I could upload it. I'm really sorry! I am guessing since I have four fans already and I have only posted a prologue and a chapter one two this story, it must be good. The chapter that I was just working on (chapter 2) was really hard to write. There is so much thought that was put into it and just like that, it got deleted. I put so much effort into it and was hoping that you guys would like it, but now we'll never know. I'm going to try to get it back but I don't think I can :( it's gonna be a long while again until I can get the new chapter up...sorry!
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    mumbled "Stupid delete button!!!!"

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    I am so mad at myself right now! Okay so I just completed chapter two of impulse. And I clicked delete to go back ONE SPACE. and it deleted the WHOLE FRICKEN THING!!!!!!!!! I am going to cryyyyyy
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