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My name is Ava and I am in love with Niall Horan. Don't worry, I am completely me and I will never change. Feel free to dream, don't let anyone hold you back! :)

That girl in my profile picture, that's my fraternal twin sister, Brianna. Her user is xxBrianna_Stylesxx GO FAN HER! XD

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    mumbled "SUPRISE?!"

    Me and Brianna have a 2 older brothers, James and Jackson. They are not twins. Jackson is oldest, then James, then me, and then Brianna. Anyways, Jackson was married last year and his wife had a baby boy this morning. We all decided that Brianna should name him. His name is Harold (Harry) Edward H. Are you surprised? Shouldn't be, her favorite boy from 1D is Harry. Lol story of my life, XD
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    UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks. c:
    Better than Words
    Better than Words
    A typical One Direction fan; Bexley Huston thinks she is just going to her 19th birthday party. But to her surprise there's more than just cake & presents. The whole One Direction crew is there to wish...
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    :) Just updated, tell me if it's good or not!!
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    Thank you so much everyone for being so into my book! :D I love you all. <3
    Niall has always been looking for his princess, until one day, he didn't have to look anymore. He saw Ava in a flower shop, working with a customer. "Hello, can you help me find some flowers?" I asked...
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    update c:
    Misconception [h.s]
    Misconception [h.s...
    Mis•con•cep•tion; noun. A view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding. // He was nothing but an angel in my opinion; an angel who people believed was the devil...
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    mumbled "Sisters By Chance, Friends By Choice"

    One day I got really bored of watching my shows and I flipped through channels and saw "Liv and Maddie". The first show I watched was the one where Liv comes home from Hollywood. Then the second one I watched was the newer one, the one where Liv was supposed to sing Fro Yolo (I don't remember the name of the little song) but instead she came up with a song that came from Maddie's poetry book. So now the song, "Count Me In", is me and my twin sister's thing that we live by. "Sisters by chance, Friends by choice." So I put that on my background. Now I want to say something to my sister
    We have been twins since the first sign that our parents knew from the doctors. We have been sisters and best friends since day one. Brianna, your the other half of me. Without you, I am just a half and not a whole. I will love you forever and always. If you ever need anything, count me in. lol :) I better stop typing or I am going to start balling my eyes out. Just remember I love you, Brianna.
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