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Hiya, everybody. :3 I'm Ava. I'm a semi-professional theatrical actress and singer. A few of my favorites:
Color: Octarine
Band: Panic! at the Disco
Movie: Not a clue. I'm a movie buff. I've seen thousands. ^_^
Book: Hmm... Lord of the Rings? The Great Gatsby? Catcher in the Rye? I don't know. :)

(I really like comments...)
Thanks, dearies.

  • Ava Drake Thomson

    mumbled "The Opportunists"

    So, I'm going to make The Opportunists an actual novel. I deleted it and uploaded the first two chapters of the manuscript Draft One: The Exploratory Phase, as I call it.
  • Ava Drake Thomson
    I suppose I'll advertise mine as well. :3
    StovetopLost in Ohio, Elizabeth feels like shes on the curbside, watching her life fall apart.

    It's called Stovetop. I figure more views = more support = better chance.
    So read up. c:
    5 years ago
    agree with that! anyways, I bet I've read yours already :))
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    mumbled "HELP."

    I'm half of a duo. My composer just wrote the most beautiful f-ing soundtrack ever.
    I'm freaking out. Help.
    5 years ago
    I normally songwrite in Japanese but it helps to be inspired. Sometimes you can be inspired by a movie (Fidelity by Regina Spektor was based off of High Fidelity) and some can be based off of personal experience (Taylor Swift anyone?) but take something you feel strongly about, that evokes itself strongly in you, and turn it into song.
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    mumbled "So..."

    I've been working on a novel for a while and I want feedback terribly. I've only ever posted stories online, never anything I worked hard on. Anyway, I want to post it to see responses, but I don't want it stolen. (I trust you, movellas! I'm just very paranoid.) Any suggestions?
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