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*Taps screen whilst really close up*
"Is this thing on?"
*Takes a couple of steps back and is perfectly positioned*
"Urm... Hi, I guess... Welcome to my Page on Movellas. --- Wait no you would already know you are on my page so I didn't need to say that, Stupid now I'm talking to myself they must really be creeped out"
"DON'T LEAVE!--- Help me I'm stuck inside this screen and can't get out you've got to help me!"
*Gets close to the screen*
"To help you have to get me Pizza, Netflix and Ben and Jerry's otherwise I'm doomed!"
"There is a horrid ugly purple bear in here too, his name is Paul. He isn't very nice. Oh shit!"
*Looks left. Eyes wide*
"Help me!!!"
*Screen goes black*

  • AutumnWonderland

    mumbled "Mumble"

    "Urm... hello..."
    *Comes in to view*
    "Ahhhhhhhhh... There's a monster after me!! Help"
    *Runs out of view being chased by a purple hairy monster*
    "Frank! Woah buddy Frank its me... Please don't kill me!"
    *Back in view*
    *Monster speaks jibberish*
    "Well that's rrruuudddee"
    *Monster says more jibberish*
    "Cheeky little fucker"
    *Monster turns visibly angry and says 'what' in jiberish*
    "What... I said nothing you must be hearing things?"
    *Scratches neck awkwardly*
    *Both start running away screaming*
  • AutumnWonderland
    Thanks means a lot!! @[Patronus mist]
    Road Trip.
    Road Trip.
    " We are The Unique. We are different. We are Rejects. We are ourselves " Avery Haynes is The Unique. Accompanied with Grey Atkins, Bennett Wood, Bailey Patterson, Florence Hart, Lawson Fields and Brent...
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    Hey, could you check out my new movella, "Orphan" For me? Just click on my profile picture and go into my profile to find it. It would mean a LOT to me!
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    Of course!! @[Patronus mist]
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    Thank you so, so much! I am defiantly following/fanning you!
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