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Welcome mah frands :3
~HUGE Potterhead and Zelda Fan~
Writing is my #1 passion :)
I hope to be an author someday ;)

  • Hannah Malfoy
    This is really good! :)
    I'm a WHAT? Book One: I Want it More than I Can Tell
    I'm a WHAT? Book...
    Elizabeth Colfer was just an ordinary eleven-year-old girl, with friends and a twin sister she loves more than anything. Of course, the Harry Potter series is a close second. One day, Lizzy and her sister,...
  • Hannah Malfoy
    This is really good :)
    A Lost Hufflepuff
    A Lost Hufflepuff
    A young 8 year old girl looses her memory to what doctors believe was her going down a water fall only being saved by her werewolf self. Not knowing who she was and her family thinking she's dead, the...
  • Hannah Malfoy

    mumbled "I'm Back!"

    1 months agoReply
    I'm sorry for inactivity. I've just been so busy (and not to mention, kinda lazy XD) but I'm back! I know in my last mumble I said I wouldn't finish my stories, but never mind that. I wasn't in such a great mood when I wrote that, but now I am! I'll finish most of them! I already have about 5 new chapters of The Half-Blood written, I just need to publish them already, haha.
    Yes, I changed my pen name... again. I just like this name a lot!
    Anyway, I'll be updating very soon! Maybe even today :)
    P.S. Does anyone like The Legend of Zelda? It's one of my new fandoms and I might start writing fanfiction about it! Just let me know if any of you would like that and I'll do it!
  • Hannah Malfoy

    mumbled "Sorry"

    2 months agoReply
    I'm coming back here to just say I'm not really into Harry Potter anymore, and I don't really want to finish my stories. I'm so sorry.
    I've found my new fandoms and I'm hooked.
    Love y'all <3
    (I used to be ExpectoPatronum19 btw)
    princess leia
    2 months ago
    oh okay
    2 months ago
    I was wondering where you've been. Does that mean your not going to be on anymore?
    Hannah Malfoy
    2 months ago
    I might, but I'm not sure yet. I may try to finish my stories but I honestly have no idea what I'll do yet :/
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