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Hey therr!(: Autumn here!!! ok so a little about me?
I love Cher Lloyd, one direction, Taylor Swift and 5 hot British boy(: oh yah I already mentioned that...didn't I?(; follow me on instagram? @autumnpayneherre
Thank you loves! Favorite and comment please!<3
ill update daily!!(:
ideas and feedback is appreciated!!(:
sorry i havent been able to update... Ive been grounded and may be able to update tonight!<3

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    I just finished it!!<3 is it done?? are you gonna update again??(:
    Stay Here-Finished
    Stay Here-Finished
    Jessica Carson is living with her dad. Her mother left her at a young age. Will she find her way? Will she find love? IS her life as easy as it seems?
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    Please update!!!!!!<3
    The three slaves (1D)
    The three slaves...
    They where young very young. Tiffany was 12 and Hanna was 4 1/2. Tiffany was a slave a sex slave. Hanna was worked till she passed out. They where sisters and Tiffany has sworn to do anything to protect...
    5 years ago
    We have now
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    I love this soooo freaking much!!!! please update!!(:
    Between Two Worlds
    Between Two Worlds
    Anastasia is just 21yrs old when she runs into her childhood friend Niall Horan. Sparks start to fly as all the old memories come back to them. At the age of 17 when Niall went onto the XFactor; Anastasia...
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    This is super good!(: please read mine!(:
    Nobody Loves A Loser *COMPLETED*
    Nobody Loves A Los...
    Angie George. What a name. You think I'm such an idiot sometimes. In ways, I'm not. Others yes. Like dealing everyday with Jessica and Ava. Yay. And when Harry-so-famous Styles comes into town, it gets...
  • autumnrose_payne
    I love this!!<3 please read mine!! I think you'll like it so far!
    Daddy Doesn't Have To Know
    Daddy Doesn't Have...
    Alexis is a total good girl. She never gets in trouble. She has perfect grades. What happens when she meets a total bad boy? Things change. The only thing he promises her. Is Daddy doesn't have to know....
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