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*Taps screen*
"Is this thing on"
*Steps back*
"Hello people of the world"
"Welcome to my channel... okay lets cut the crap!"
*Glances left*
"You've got to help me this monster named Frank is after me"
*Grumbling in the background*
*Glances left again*
"All I did was say he looked a bit green"
*Grumbling gets louder*
"In my defence he is green so..."
*Green hairy monster comes in view*
"Oh... Hey Frank..."
*Awkwardly waves*
"Please don't kill me"
*Monster grumbles in gibberish*
"No, no there is no need for that"
*More gibberish*
"Little fucker!"
*Monster gets visibly angry*
*Both run out of shot*

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