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18. Female. A young aspiring writer.

There's only one thing you should know about me. I write to escape from my life.



hate that boyband | book one | ✓
hate that boyband | book two | upcoming sequel

i love him, i hate him | ✓ | under editing
dear stranger | ✓ | under editing
because of him, i soar | ✓ | under editing

evarcrine interactive series | ongoing
memoirs of geena rookie | ongoing
the veronicas | ongoing
the assassin's code | ongoing


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Attention, guys! 'I Hate One Direction/ HTB' has been posted on 4 different sites. Movellas, Wattpad, Quotev(ℵ.Aiℑhα ΑϒξℑHα.ℵ ℜℵ) and Widbook. If you see this posted on any other site. Please inform me. Don't let that person take all the credit for my hard work. Have some basic respect and courtesy. Do not steal my plot/story or write a fan fiction of the novel without my permission.

I never proofread my books so if you find errors and mistakes, let me know! I'll to try to fix them!

I love you guys! Just by reading my stories - it means a whole lot to me, so thank you so much!

Yours Truly, AishaAyesha♥

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    Hey guys!

    How have you guys been? I missed you guys SO DAMN much! I loved reading your comments, they always light up my day! And I'm so thankful for your support for this story! Still waiting for that thousand of favourites so that I can write a sequel, haha! ;) I've been super busy with school and everything but I thought I should let you know this. I Hate One Direction is making a COMEBACK! YAS! I've decided to turn this story into a INTERACTIVE STORY! So that YOU get to choose what you say, what to do, and maybe, possibly, choose who you fall in love with...? I don't know, I'm still thinking about the last part. I kinda loved the ending of the story, if I don't say so myself! xD

    I've been so OBSESSED with this application on Google Play (App store too). It's called Episode Interactive: Choose your own story! It's literally AMAZAYN, haha. I wrote a fantasy-based story on there (EVARCRINE) and I hope you'll check it out! And tell me what you think! Constructive criticism would be awesome too!

    Anyway, if you love to see this story come back to life in an INTERACTIVE VISUAL STORY, quickly get the EPISODE INTERACTIVE APP! It's literally like a visual & interactive version of WATTPAD. And follow me on @aisha.episode to get the latest updates!

    I HATE ONE DIRECTION will be renamed as HATE THAT BOYBAND, of course! I can't use the same name because it'll be very confusing. But it won't be too foreign because I'll rename the members of 1D in a way that you'll recognise them! I'm so excited for this to be released! I'll tell you when it's going to be published on the app soon!

    I hope that after I graduate at the end next year, I'll be able to fully dedicate my time to writing stories on Wattpad (PlainCrackers) and Movellas for YOU GUYS! And myself, of course! I look forward to seeing your comments below - tell me what you think of this new adaptation of IH1D. Excited? Or Nah?

    Hope all is well!

    Make sure you download the app first before you click on this link!

    EvarCrine: The Last Sovereign



    2 years ago
    Omg im not a 1D fan but I love your book!
    2 years ago
    @[Jiangxi] Aw, thank you, Dear! I hope you'll enjoy the IH1D Episode adaptation once it is released! :) <3
    2 years ago
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    I don't hope, I kNow ill like it! :D
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