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    mumbled "Mission Impossible//Luke Hemmings"

    A/N: Hey y'allc: This is just a little short story my friend wanted me to write for hercx
    "Targets acquired, two o'clock."
    Maddy's voice was as cool as the the wind as it blew off the Thames. I could see the city lights brighting, as the sun faded over the tower of London twenty feet away. My best friends confidence was almost contagious. almost. But staring into the hoards of people I couldn't help but feel queasy.
    At the moment Maddy Lawrence and I stood on our iceskates near the edge of the rink, the used to be a moat ages ago. We were outsized and outskilled. The thought sending chills down my spine. Even though my best friend was arms reach away. Even though I was highly trained by a school for spies.
    "Ooh. Bellamy. Their looking this way.!" Of course Maddy was refering to the group of boys goofing off at the edge of the rink. Crossing my arms I frown.
    "We should split up." I take off my skates and replace them with my black hiker boots, when I turn to say my location Maddy's already by the boys flipping her hair and touching one of their arms. Rolling my eyes I slide into the shadows making my way to the metro station where I'm supposed to meet my co-op professor. I bet Maddy's gotten all those poor boys numbers and a kiss from at least one of them...my moneys on the tall Blonde one. The last time I even thought about a boy was last year. It was like a Romeo and Juliet kinda thing, being a spy I'm supposed to focus on more important things than hacking into his profile and reading his posts and messages about me. Sighing I turn the corner, noting a tall man leaning against a pole to my left. Turns out I wasn't the only one keeping things In that relationship..In the end I almost got shot and he left me alone. In the rain. To "protect me." Yeah I know what your thinking. That's the gayiest excuse.
    I hold my breath as I step into the elevator, as I reach for the button another hand beats me there.
    "Hey Bells."
    I freeze when I hear a deep velvetly voice. I look up and am immediately hypnotized by two dazziling Blue orbs. Luke. All I can do is stare. He looks older...more handsome. His dark light blonde hair hair now lays perfectly atop his head, his jawline is perfectly shaped, holy shit. He smirks at me revealing his prominent dimples as he chuckles.
    "L-Luke.?" I mentally smack myself. No shit. Of course its him you dumbass. The elevator door closes and I feel the air get thicker as he steps closer.
    "I haven't seen you in a while..I missed you Bells." He strokes my cheek, my face tingiling in fire where his fingers trace.
    "You left me." Snapping out of my haze, I smack his hand away and stare into his eyes, which are now filled with amusement.
    "I know..I told you I had to. To protect you. My feelings haven't changed love, I miss you, I miss us. But I'm back now and I'm not going anywhere." He looks me up and down before running a hand through his curls. Can this elevator go faster.
    "Yeah.? Well mine have, and I would prefer if you went somewhere else, anywhere else actually." I cross my arms huffing and turn the other way. He said he missed me! omg omg omg. I slightly shake my head knowing I cant think about him or his words meaning anything because I'll fall for his lies again.
    "Oh come on. You cant get rid of me that easy." Just as he reaches for my shoulder the elevator dings and the door opens. Smirking, I step out and look over my shoulder.
    "Just watch." I pinch the inside of my wrist as I walk away and turn the corner. Walking away from him literally is the hardest thing I've ever done..and I have cracked codes in twenty differant languages.
    My Comm unit crackles in my ear, my eyes widening as I realize Maddy heard the whole elevator conversation.
    "WHAT THE HELL.? WAS THAT LUKE.?" I wince as she yells, the Co
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