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    srry about your dad and really good fanfic :)
    Just A Fan?
    Just A Fan?
    Gabe is a YouTube boy. He has many fans and is known by many stars but is not signed to a record label. However, his famous cousin Justin Bieber is. Gabe was surfing YouTube one day when he stumbled across...
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    please update
    <3 <3 <3
    The Ten-Year Plan
    The Ten-Year Plan
    Ten years ago, Makayla Morris was in love with Niall Horan. He was nineteen, she was seventeen. Young and dumb, they made a pact. A pact which comes back to haunt Makayla ten years later, when a certain...
    young, wild + free
    <3 i'd love to, but im having editing problems! if you know how to fix it please let me know :*
  • Audrey101
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    name: audrey
    personality:always hipper crazy and really girly loves the colour pink
    looks: hazel brown eyes long brunette hair front bangs
    which guy: niall or louis
    Summer Camp
    Summer Camp
    Kenzie goes to a singing/acting Summer Camp where celebrities are their counselors/mentors. When she gets Zayn Malik as a mentor, will they fall for each other? And will someone try to tear them apart?
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    Update this is reallyyyy gooood :)
    I Lost What I Loved But I Found It Again. . . With Problems
    I Lost What I Love...
    Amber has been living in New York City for a while, she hasn't talken it to well there, her best friend moved to California last month, she was the only person she hung out with in school, but now since...
    6 years ago
    thank you it'ill be up soon (:
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