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Hi! My name is Anna, but I can go by either Union, London, Atla, or Luna. I want to be an actress, singer, or a writer when I get older. I like the genre of fanfiction, dark, adventure, and geekiness. I love One Direction, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Sherlock, Hunger Games, My Little Pony, and anything paranormal!! May the Gods bless your day!

  • Atla DeStyles
    If this is still open would it be possible if you could create a cover for a story im co authoring?

    Name: Brat Facts
    Author: Kay Hale
    Co Author: Atla DeStyles
    Ideas: Anything to do with the military
    Summary: Its a giant collection of facts and stories that are told by military brats
    Cover Store of 221B [Closed]
    Cover Store of 221...
    The ultimate cover store... *cue dramatic jazz music*
    Chrissy Sky
    1 years ago
    It says "Closed" which means it is closed.
    Atla DeStyles
    1 years ago
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    Alrighty, thanks
  • Atla DeStyles

    mumbled "American Horror Story fanfic or no?!?!"

    hey guys! Sorry Ive been away so long, school has been pretty hard on me. But anyways! Im back!! And will be updating more and more often! Also, should I do an American Horror Story Fanfic or just a horror story this time? Let me know!! Love you all and may the Gods bless your day!!
  • Atla DeStyles
    Hey there its me again!! I was wondering if you could do me another cover?
    Title: The Runaway Girls and The Music Boys
    Author: Atla Destyles and Hayl The Irish Babe
    Summary: Two girls from very different worlds meet in London, and they both in counter two boys who will turn there worlds upside down.
    Subtext: Life can take a toll for the good.
    Surprise me again!!!
    Here are some covers for you guys!!! Comment and I will make one! Authors Name, Title and what you want. BOOM!!!!
    3 years ago
    This one isn't nearly as good as the other one! I just couldn't find what I wanted!:/ If you want me to redo it, i can!:3
    Atla DeStyles
    3 years ago
    Its really good!
    3 years ago
    Are you sure?
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