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Hey! Just another person who loves to write stories! I'll post a few of the stories I have from another site and see how you like them. If they receive enough attention, I'll continue them for your enjoyment. :)

***I also have stories I first started sharing on Figment, I just brought them here for more feedback. Usually that is where I update my stories first then bring them here so if you don't want to wait sometimes, you can check out my other things at:

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    Hey!!! IJust putting it out there that I just added a new chapter to my story and added a few details to the chapters :) Take a look! Also I will be creating alternative endings for this story! I'm hoping an alternative chapter will be created by this coming Monday. ALSO I will give sneak peeks to those who are really interested in my story :) Want a free look?! Read and comment on my story and you might get to see what happens in the next chapter before anyone else... possibly even two chapters!!! Thanks!!!<3
    Athris Garrett
    4 years ago
    OH! And the story is called Lay Down My Life. >.> Totally forgot to mention that...
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    mumbled "Exchanging of stories??"

    So I know some people are out there trying to have their stories read ( me!! That's me too haha) so I thought 'hey, if people wanna have their stuff read I'll do it!' So stop by my page and read one of mine then after leaving some feedback, tell me what you'd like me to read :)
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    Wow great story! I love the idea of separated siblings with council and yes haha Your writing is so good! I wasn't even thinking of reading the whole thing but I couldn't stop myself. I had to know it all. Can't wait for the next chapters :) Keep up the good work!
    Soul Brother and Sister
    Soul Brother and...
    "Kai! Wait!" Jai yelled behind the boy she had recently been informed was her brother. "Jai, I'm not ready for all of this. You are not my sister," he stalked away leaving Jai standing under the cold...
    Thanks I am glad you like it. Be sure to add it to your favorites so you'll get a notification when I update.
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    mumbled "New to Here!! Check it out!??"

    Just put up a story I've had for a week or so. Haven't been able to get much feedback and was hoping to find some on here! :) I will read yours as well if you like just PLEASE give me good feedback and not some generalized advice. THANKS :)
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