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    mumbled "Chapters"

    1 months agoReply
    What's going on with this word cap on chapters? When did this happen? There never used to be a word limit!!
    wait, what?! what's the limit??
    1 months ago
    Well, I tried uploading a new chapter, and when I went to click publish it says 'this chapter has exceeded its limit. It was about 845 words. I cut it down by a quarter and it still said it. Cut it down by half, and the message went away!
    Skye S
    1 months ago
    Hi @[AstroPuff], this is Skye the CM at Movellas. Which of your stories were you trying to update when the word limit message showed up? I would like to try this myself and see if it's still an issue because if it is, I will have our developer team to look into it :) Feel free to email me about this at skye.smith@movellas.com if it's easier. Thanks!
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