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“Don't part with your illusions.
When they are gone you may still exist,
but you have ceased to live.”
― Mark Twain

“Brave soldier, never fear.
Even though your death is near.”
― Hans Christian Andersen, The Steadfast Tin Soldier

"Please all, and you will please none." ~Aesop


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I'm and Awkward Puckling :3

Dang man, 2017 was the most transformative year I've lived through yet.

  • Asteria Grace
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    Absolutely amazing. I was drawn in because I know someone from Vegas, so of course I was curious! Other than a few minor spelling errors, it's perfect! :)
    AKA Las Vegas
    AKA Las Vegas
    What happens in Vegas…well…it doesn’t always stay in Vegas... ~Perfect Place: A Writing Competition entry~
  • Asteria Grace
    9 months agoReply
    Do you HAVE to use the structure?
    the force of storms
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    The structure is just one of three pointers for what you could do with this competition :) There's ideas for what you could do with the structure if you choose that pointer, but you don't have to use it
    Asteria Grace
    9 months ago
    Okay, makes more sense haha. Thanks!
  • Asteria Grace
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    Super excited to see where this goes!
    where a twisted, dark soul meets a compassionate saviour, except he is beyond the point of saving.
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