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So, I'm personalamerikkan on Wattpad, and I will post my story Ashes & Wine on here. It's a Harry Styles fanfic, hope you enjoy. My pen name is Aspen Mendis but that's not my real name. Please comment I love interaction with you guys! Here is a little about me:
Favourite Song atm: Blame Myself; Sky Ferreira
Song Stuck in Head atm: Mirrors; Justin Timberlake
Favourite Food: Fruit, mostly grapes and tangerines
I really, really like Harry Styles. Like a lot.
Favourite T.V. show atm (I change them all the time): The Fosters
I read fanfic way too often, so give me good fanfics to read. Please don't advertise your stories on mine. It is rude and insensitive. Thanks!

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    I just realized I can make fairly nice covers... Hey Rory, I made a cover for you... email me and I can get it to you you know my email.
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