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Hi, guys. I'm AJ and I like warm hugs! (Frozen lovers, alert...) I'm thirteen, and I obviously love writing - but oddly enough, I can't decide if I want to be an author or not when I grow up. So I came here, hoping to be aided in my decision.
Now, to business. Here are some things you should know about me: (they're not crucial things... But I'm a very discombobulated person in general and the first thing I tell people is my favorite movie instead of my name, so get used to the weirdness)
Favorite movie: FROZEN. LOVE. IT. LOVE. IT. Absolute favorite. I just love it. The songs, the score, the characters, everything. How can you not love it? And Elsa? Too cool for words! If you haven't watched it - watch it. Now.
Favorite animal: Horse. No contest. And my favorite mythological animal is Pegasus.
Favorite color: Black. The color black you would find in the deepest abyss in the universe.
Favorite color combination: blue, silver, and white.
Favorite food: Pizza? Pears? Not really sure yet, so let's say everything... Well, mostly everything. But my favorite dessert is definitely chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!
Least favorite food: kiwis, mushrooms, and olives. Can't stand 'em.
Things I want to be when I grow up: EVERYTHING!
Things I'll probably be when I grow up: ????? I'd like to say Author, Chef, Mathematician, Composer, and Artist, but I doubt I'll be any of these, so...
For those out there who read Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Kane Cronichles, and the 39 Clues: (if you haven't read them, skip this part - I dont want to bore you with a bunch of meaningless mumble-jumble) I would be a child of Neptune, a student of Gryffindor House, a follower of the Path of Isis, and a Tomas Agent. Actually some disagreement with the path of Isis thing - my friends think I would follow the path of Isis. I think I'd follow the path of Set. Yes - I'm evil personified :) If you haven't read any of these books, and you ignored my advice and read this paragraph anyways, just forget what you've read or resolve to read the books. Otherwise you'll be seriously confused right now.
And some words to describe me? Hmm... Studious, serious, mischievous, sly, insane... Other people tell me I'm friendly but I disagree... I think I'm socially impaired:) We'll see... MUAHAHAHA. (Did I mention I'm weird?)
And finally, I just want to say say something very important: WHEN'S DESSERT? No, just kidding, although that is important. What I really want to say is: I hope you'll read my story/stories, and tell me what you think of them, whether you like or hate them. It'll really help me. Thanks for reading, and sorry for the essay! Seriously, I'm not that interesting, how did I find that much to write...

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