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I love pretty much everything, so my tastes in music are weird. Don't even ask.
I love the Warriors series, The Hunger Games, and lots of other books.I'm pretty smart and I make friends easily.
Oh, and don't worry if I suddenly sound really weird when I talk. It means I've been watching foreign movies. ^^
Pegasister, Swiftie, Blonde, Ashycat. ;)

  • Ashycat13
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    Hey Marissa it's me... you have pretty good grammar but your chapters could stand to be a little longer. ;) See you wednesday.
    By the way, it's Thora. Not some weirdo stalker.
    Oh, nevermind.
    Truly, Madly, Deeply
    Truly, Madly, Deep...
    Miranda Johnson never expected to meet Niall Horan. She definetley didn't expect what happens. She struggles through love, heartbreak, fame, and even insanity.
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