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Hello there, my name is Ashley. I'm seventeen years old. I'm very shy and I really don't start conversations. I'm not really good at conversations or making new friends, but when I get to know you more, I get more confident and start to actually talk to you. I'm very self conscious and it effects me in many ways. I live in the United States, Indiana to be exact. I live in a small town and actually love it.

I love the colors red, blue, and green. I love reading, helping people and animals, going on walks, the outdoors, and watching movies. I like writing but not confident to publish anything. I want to go to college after I finish high school, which will hopefully be next year. I'm currently a junior in high school, and I have semi good grades. I play the flute in band, I have been since sixth grade and I'm proud that I decided to do it many years ago. I love it. :)

One thing you need to know about me is that I'm a Christian. Even though I'm a Christian, I will not try to shove my religion down your throat and won't bring up the conversation if you don't ask to hear it. I will respect your boundaries.

If you want to get know more about me, just message me. I'll be glad to talk to you. :D

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