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Hey! This is my place officially, I may kind of forgotten my password to my other profile 'Ashley Caramel,' so I will be republishing my books from there to here as I have saved some of them.
Please feel free to comment on any of the stories or have any queries just send a message on my wall.

Thanks loves!
Ashley xoxo

Honestly not all rainbows

by , Monday August 7, 2017


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  • MysteriousUnicorn
    @[Sam022603] what are you doing
    Hahahhaha all goods... Little confused of what you mean but hehe oh well!!
    And I am just you know... casually drowning in school work
    1 days ago
    And I'm casually drowning in stress and stupid stuff... I start school in like two weeks.
    23 hours ago
    Oh good luck with that. And I mean that seriously. For the school bit. And don't be stress, be happy and smile!! :) If theres anything wrong, you can tell me. I'm happy to help or like if you need someone to make you smile, then Im up for it hehe
  • MysteriousUnicorn

    mumbled "In a Heartbeat- short film"

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    Omg drop everything people. 'In a Heartbeat,' is a short film that explains everything about what our heart does when you see someone you like. And this mini film, is amazing. It is about two boys and one heart, and argh I may have cried a little. It is such a cute mini film, and I recommend that people should watch this. I would upload a snippet of it, but hehehehehehe can't upload a clip on mumbles. Search up on Youtube 'In a Heartbeat,' it is an absolute cute film... and like it is adorable and argh so cliché and cheesy and yyyyeeesssss
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