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Hi! I am Ashleigh, I love writing fanfics about the celebs that I love. So basically One Direction!! I have 1 story up to now and I am waiting to see if that does well before I write another one! Please check out my first story called, Not time to say goodbye.
Hope you like all my story because I love being creative!
Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, One Direction!!

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    Sooo good!
    Just A Fan?
    Just A Fan?
    Gabe is a YouTube boy. He has many fans and is known by many stars but is not signed to a record label. However, his famous cousin Justin Bieber is. Gabe was surfing YouTube one day when he stumbled across...
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    mumbled "Reading books :)"

    Right I am starting to read more and more story on this sight because I love reading what other fans have written about One Direction, soo I am saying if you would like me to read your story then I would be willing to read and give you any feedback :) Also I only have one movella up but I am hoping I can get to 2000 reads on that one because I am already past 1000 so I am hoping to reach 2000 soon :)
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    I would love to wake up tomorrow to find that 1,000+ people have read my fanfic! I love the fact that everyone is enjoying it and giving my very positive feedback! I also keep updating my fanfic so if you have read it there is a chance there might be new parts added to it to hopefully make it alot better!! :)
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    I have to read more!! When is the rest up?<3
    The Roller Coaster That Is Life
    The Roller Coaster...
    When I heard his soft, Irish accent say my name, I about lost it. For a split second, the chaos around me faded. Here I was, staring into those gorgeous blue eyes, frozen. Finially, as reality snapped...
    6 years ago
    I'll do another chapter either this afternoon or evening!:)
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    mumbled "Questions?"

    I am debating whether to write another Movella or not? I really dont know because the last one took me about 5 hours, I might just keep adding onto Its Not Time To Say GoodBye? What should I do?
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