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Hai i will do requests to make one-shots I'll write anything to do with Soul eater, black butler, and hetalia so put them in the comments of the stories

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    Okay so I am going to be adding more one-shot request things because I want all people to come to my page and find something they like and would want to read. The stories I will be adding are a one direction and a 5 seconds of summer one-shot request things they will be up in a week or so. I will also be updating a lot of my stories since I am going to have time for it but anyway yeah.
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    Okay so I am going to do more chapters on the one-shots and the AmericaxreaderxPrussia probably in 2 days if I get more hearts on it like 7 more hearts would be nice and I haven't been updating because of school work so yeah just letting people now why I have not updated in a while and when to expect a update if I get more hearts
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    Can you make a one-shot for me a 2p Canada x reader one please
    reader inserts
    reader inserts
    give me requests and I'll do my best to make a one-shot fanfic for you or if you want a few chapters ill make it seprately
    4 years ago
    sure i'll make it as fast as i can
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