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Hello! I'm Ash.

Things I like:

-- Bunnies.
-- Writing
-- Reading YA
-- Writing YA
-- Roller Derby (Leeds Roller Dolls :D)
-- Sunflowers
-- Yellow
-- Cats
-- The Sleepless Writers

I'm not sure anybody really reads profiles, and since I don't... I have no idea what kind of thing to put on it. So I'm gunna do a little thing about each of my works that are on this here internet page.

  • Ash Lutz

    I'm brand new and squeaky and uhhh everything.

    6 years agoReply
    Hello Movellians,

    I am new about these parts.

    What's a-crackalackin?

    Midnight Rogue
    6 years ago
    Aww, that's too bad. Well, the jailbreaking didn't work anyway - apparently they don't have a greenpois0n for my version of the iPhone Dx
    Midnight Rogue
    6 years ago
    Fruit Ninja? xDDD We're a family of computer geeks, so it was kind of annoying that there was no way of jailbreaking lol
    Midnight Rogue
    6 years ago
    I love that game too xDDD Have you played Temple Run? That's pretty awesome too
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