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Ima Crazy Person That Likes The Internet
Merome? Merome.
In Benja We Trust
In Bacca We Must
Our Axes Won't Rust
Can You Even Youtube Bruh?
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    I Love This Story ❤️��❤️
    Adopted by SkyDoesMinecraft
    Adopted by SkyDoes...
    Kayla is a 19 year old girl who has been stuck in an orphanage her whole life. She has to deal with bitchy girls and the abusive owner of the orphanage, until an oddly familiar guy turns up at her hell-whole....
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    mumbled "-=- About Me -=-"

    Hai! I'm Here To Tell You About Me!
    Name: Macy
    Age: I'm Not Telling You Because You Might Be A Stalker xD
    Birthday: April 19th (SUH CLOSE!!)
    Likes: Video Games, Youtube, BajanCanadian And JeromeASF.
    Dislikes: Haters,(Y U Gotta B So Rood)
    Personality: Crazy, Loud, Funny, Tomboy, Nice.
    Favorite Food: IDK I Like Almost All Foods.
    Favorite Place: My Room, With My Laptop And iPad.
    Best Friends: Destiny, Faith, Emily, And Kelsey
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    3 years ago
    Well now I know you more
    3 years ago
    I also love almost every food as well. Lol:D
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