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    Hi! A few years ago I had an account "DeependArtist," and I was following your story "Evelyn's Revenge, which you never finished (it stopped at a chapter called "don't give me those puppy eyes."

    Well ever since then I have been checking up once in a while to see if you finished the story (I was always curious to see the end!), but suddenly now I came back and couldn't even find the story!! (And your name changed as well so it was doubly hard to get this far). Is there anywhere I can find it? Or at least a synopses or something??

    Thank you in advance!
    2 years ago
    I only just saw this now because I was on holiday, but wow, thank you so much!

    I unpublished Evelyn's Revenge because I didn't think it was very good and I thought it was a bit embarrassing, so I genuinely can't tell you how much it means to hear that you not only followed up on the story, but you actually remember it. Its been a long while since I have written or even thought about it, but I will definitely republish it now! Thank you so much, and I remember you from when you were DeepenedArtist and I was HeartTaunter.

    I will find it again and republish it, and then - because I probably won't have time at the moment to finish it - I will give you a synopsis of the full story. Thank you again! ((: x
    2 years ago
    Wow, sounds great!

    I have certainly appreciated the storytelling of Evelyn's Revenge, which I remember mentioning in my "critique" which you requested at the time. The story skillfully swoops you along on the journey which keeps moving at a pace that's both intriguing and satisfying as far as events go, if that makes any sense.

    Anyways, don't give up on your creations, they are yours and every one of them you should be proud of, for whoever it may or may not be worth!

    Unfortunately I don't have much time to delve into all of these stories anymore--which is why I left Movellas--but this was for me an "unclosed corner" so to speak. And don't worry about the delay, I'm also keeping rather busy lately.

    Alright, well good luck on your writing!
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