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Hi, Movellians! My name is Fairley, but I go by my penname, Artemis J. Potter I'm an artist, reader, fangirl, longtime learner, food lover, and an INFJ. I'm an aspiring writer, of course, who hopes to make it big one day :)

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Last Post of the Year!

by , Saturday December 31, 2016

Can you believe this is the last day of the year? I can't belive 2016 is almost over! I know some people have been really unhappy with this year, but looking back I'm sure we'll find that it wasn't so bad. It's been fun to say the least. I hope you all had a good year and enjoy 2017!!!

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  • Artemis J. Potter
    Ooh, the idea of the Dursleys having a daughter is interesting. It takes a different direction in the story and I'm pretty interested in seeing what will happen next! You should consider expanding on this :)
    From No. 4 Privet Drive
    From No. 4 Privet...
  • Artemis J. Potter
    This is interesting! I wasn't sure how I felt about Effie and Haymitch but there was always a part of me that felt like they could have fit each other well romantically. I also really like how you wrote from Haymitch's perspective. I hope you expand on this sometime!
    Always - A Hayffie Fanfiction
    Always - A Hayffie...
    A short fanfiction devoted to Haymitch and Effie.
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