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Hi I am from New Zealand and love Art, Photography, the Outdoors and Writing. On the Net: I have written quite a lot of content across numerous sites and as a result, my works have been read in 176 countries in total.... Just 17 more to go and I've covered the world. I'm sure that if you write well, you will also achieve a similar exposure and reputation. So Bon Chance....and I hope you enjoy what I post here, as I will enjoy reading and recommending your works... Thanks.. Take Care.

Rob - Pearldiver

Oh and if you would like to read some more of my poetry, haiku or creative writing.... please check out this site:

  • Art of the Diver

    mumbled "‘My Hope Was Born With You.’"

    ‘My Hope Was Born With You.’ By Rob Pearldiver – Art of the Diver

    ‘My hope was born with you’ is about a father’s love and having the opportunity to personally greet your children at birth. It is about being a father and having only the opportunity to share your child’s growing up, from the distance. It is about always being a father and always loving your children, irrespective of distance, time or circumstances. It is about missing a child who doesn’t know what it means to the father: a father who can not be with the child that he loves. Please…. Enjoy:

    When you were born, I was so proud
    I held you, so that you could hear, my heart beat
    And then, you would always know who I was; as your father

    When you were born, I was so proud
    You held my little finger, in your whole hand
    And then, you yawned and drifted off to sleep; contently

    When you were born, I was so proud
    I felt like all my dreams, had come true
    And when you smiled; new dreams formed; with such hope

    When you were born, I was so proud
    I was marveled, by the perfection that I saw, before me
    And as you grew up; your perfection also grew; flawless unlike me

    Years have passed, since the first day that I, held you
    So long since you were born and yet, I am still, so very proud
    I had always hoped, that you would know and understand; your father's heart
    Its rhythm, how it beats and how special it felt then, just to hold you
    It beats just like yours today, if you consider the pain of being apart.

    * Rob Pearldiver –Art of the Diver *

    © Copyright 2011 Pearldiver – Art of the Diver with all rights reserved

  • Art of the Diver
    This format is impossible. I just can not get it to work and allow the correct spacing between the lines and stanzas. I appreciate that you took the time to read this. Take care.
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  • Art of the Diver
    Hahaha.. Nice work.. you blew up the character really well. Thanks also for your referral to here and it's glimpse of another of your talents. I Clic'd on your fanpile... so you have a Kiwi in your bone collection... Take care.
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    Kate Russell
    6 years ago
    OOh.. kiwi :) Thanks a lot.. glad you like the site!!
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