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    Okay, it's not that I don't like LOTR because I do, like, more than life, but Sam gets almost NO recognition! I know that Frodo does deserve a little more cause he carried the ring and he is the main character, really I respect that! I do, but I also think that it's pretty sad. For example, at the end of the trilogy when they defeat Sauron and the eye falls and stuff everyone is cheering for Frodo. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but what about Sam?!? And then when the volcano goes they are all crying because they think Frodo is dead, once again, WHAT ABOUT SAM?!?! Does he not matter?!?! In fact, I think the only time in the whole trilogy he is actually recognised is right at the end when they all bow down to him, but even then Pippin, Merry and Frodo are there getting bowed to as well. Frodo would be dead three or four times over if it weren't for Sam and then what? Everyone would have died!! I guess it is just a little disappointing, that's all.
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    I know, right? But then again, even Tolkien specifically said that Sam was the true hero of the entire trilogy, so that's good. :)
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    Yes, that is very good!!
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