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Hiii! ��i'm Ariana, 15 years old. I'm a kind and caring person, and shy but if were close I'm very loud and bubbly! If you tick me off I can be a bitch, and a real big one, aso don't piss me off. Don't mess with my people. (Friends,family, loved ones) I'm not a horrible person guys! If you want to be friends just message me okay? If you ever need anyone to talk to I'm always here,don't be afraid. That's it for now, oh and please read my stories! It'll mean so much to me!! Thank you byeee!! xxx ❤

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    @[LouisSlayTomlinsonn] If the link doesn't work the book is called Heartbreak Girl by StylesTheRealist
    I hope you read it and enjoy it. Thankyou.
    Story Of My Life
    Story Of My Life
    Cassie Tomlinson is a 19 year old girl who got bullied when she was 16 by her brother Louis Tomlinson, and his friends Liam Payne,Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, Harry didn't really bully her because he had...
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    mumbled "I'M DELETING MY STORY.."

    Hey guys,so uhhh..i'm deleting my story, Story of my life, cause i feel like no one is reading it and its just horrible, so yeah, but if you want me to keep writing tell me please, bye.
    3 years ago
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    Keep writing!!!��
    Arianaaa ❤
    3 years ago
    Really?..I think its horrible.
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    When's soon???!!! Please write more! I love your story! ❤
    Mistakes//Harry Styles
    I lost my virginity when I was 12 years old,me and Harry used to be bestfriends until we decided to grow something further and we did that by sex we enjoyed eachother but it was our secret and also out...
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    your story is amazing! i love it <3
    Untitled Bravery → Jenna Marbles
    Untitled Bravery...
    "It doesn't matter. In the end i'l call it untitled bravery." (Jenna marbles short) ||Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved. This book or any content of this book may not be copied, or reproduced in...
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    3 years ago
    I hope I do! :)
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