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Hey everyone! Thank you so much for reading my stories, nonfiction to comedy. It really really means a lot! Don't feel like you are bugging me to ask if I could read one of your stories or follow you, please. My pleasure! If you would like me to comment on your stories, please go onto my latest book: Constructive Criticism. A little bit about me:

> I love to write (duh)
> I sing, act, and dance
> I have two really great real-life friends on movellas: @Kate Pip @Bella Bean
> I have one really great movella friend: @Hermione10
> I am a Catholic (shout out to God) (LOL)

-Ariel Cameroe

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    College Roleplay

    Hey guys! This is a college role play for anyone who wants to join. Please don't make it too too romantic. Just give a full character description, with a picture of your character and personality traits included. Have fun!
    Ariel Cameroe
    1 years ago
    "How've you been, Hilly?" he says, smiling at his old pal.
    Ariel Cameroe
    1 years ago
    "Wanna come over to do homework, like we did in the good old days?"
    1 years ago
    "Hey, guys!" Jonathan goes up to the two talking.

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