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Hey there! how are you? Good I hope. If not, I'm always willing to help anyway I can! I'm new at writing fanfiction, so please bear with me! If you ever have anything to say, or any suggestions, let me know!
If you are ever reading one of my stories or movellas, pay no mind to the chapter titles. I absolutely suck at coming up with titles so don't look into them too much.
I live in West Virginia in the United States.
I absolutely adore books and writing is my passion.
Since my life is practically consumed by reading, if you ever want to talk about a book let me know! I really mean that! None of my friends really ever read, and I would be more than happy to have a good conversation about a book.
Twitter: @Aramoose
Instagram? @aramoose
Have a Tumblr? Follow me! http://themoosereader.tumblr.com/
I have habit of calling people dear, hon ect. So if I call you something like that, don't get freaked out:)
Thank you all for your support and loyalty. You have no idea how much it means to me.
Thank you and never forget I love you all so much!

* Aramus:) *

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    Great job! I really like the way you're writing it! It seems like it's years later and Harry's telling Emily a story about her, which I'm sure is what you're going for. I've really never read a fanfic written like this. All the same, I adore it! Thanks so much for writing it! Can't wait for more!
    Remember Me
    Remember Me
    “I’m sorry do I know you?” you asked me…my heart skipped a bit and a terrible shiver went down my spine, I was happy you woke up, but you didn’t know who I was, I controlled my tears and looked into your...
  • Aramus
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    This was great! I really enjoyed reading it! You write very well! Thanks so much for writing it!
    The Wedding Crasher (Niall Horan) *ON HOLD*
    The Wedding Crashe...
    Only one could dream to get married on Valentines Day. Only one would be the one to crash that wedding. Only one would be making headlines for crashing it. Only one would be Niall Horan, the best friend...
    OMG thanks so much for reading it, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was debating weather or not to post it.
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