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"Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather."

I love to write because it helps me get my emotions out :3 I must admit that I'm not a very good writer but I will get better, I promise.

I love Pokémon, My favourites are Espeon, Jirachi, Reshiram, Pikachu, Vaporeon, Latias, & Salamence.

I own Blue & X.

Random Facts:
Eye Colour: Green/Blue
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Animal: Dolphins, Cats, Tigers, Lions, Goldfish.
Height: 6'2
T.V show: The Simpsons, Futurama & Family Guy
Movie: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Saw 7, Monsters Inc, Toy Story 1, 2 & 3, Finding Nemo & The Last Song
Colour: Purple
Sport: NFL Football & Premier League.
NFL Football Team: Baltimore Ravens
Premier League Team: Sunderland AFC
Siblings: Sister
Cartoon Character: Tom (Tom And Jerry)
Grade: Uni
Current Song: (Three Days Grace, Muse, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Paramore, Kings Of Leon + More)
Favourite Game: Zelda, Ocarina of Time 3D (Master Quest), Pokémon Sapphire & GTA V (Grand Theft Auto) by Rockstar.

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    I know I haven't been writing lately but I've been really busy and I've been diagnosed with cancer so there's that but I promise that I'm gonna come back to writing today because this is what I love to do because it helps me get my emotions out and even one of my friends said "Your english is really good, have you ever consider being a writer." So thanks to Anna I'm now back and I promise there'll be a new Movella up soon :)
    5 years ago
    Cancer? That's awful!

    Your writing is fabulous! I am a 100% fan! I agree with writing to let your feelings out, it is a very good way to vent. I even have an online diary that has been published to Movellas called 'My Life'. Thats one of my ways to express my feelings, along with writing novels.

    I hope your cancer is curable. The world doesn't need to loose another wonderful author to the horrible disease.

    <3 yours truly
  • Isabella64
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    Soweeee, it keeps deeper in the next chapter though, so if niagra is falling now, it will be cascading in the next one xD
    Everything's Changed
    Everything's Chang...
    This is about my life and what has happened and how everything has changed since I was young and how it has effected me. It will also feature a chapter dedicated to my friends who are always there for...
  • Isabella64
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    This deserves to win by far, it's beautiful, I feel in that story and it's made me cry but it's really well written and is worthy of 1st place, well done :3
    Will you?
    Will you?
    This is for the legacy competition. It has a deep message and a challenge I hope you will accept! Enjoy :-D PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL THE CHAPTERS! :)
  • Isabella64
    6 years agoReply
    This is amazing, it's well written, deep, and it's just do incredible (:
    That One Night
    That One Night
    This is a poem for the 'Unfairly Accused' competition. The title says it all... Enjoy!
  • Isabella64
    6 years agoReply
    I'm 20 and I'm called Dan, have of this story is true, I Do have cuts and scars and I have been bullied but this is telling what would happen if I met my idol.
    My Lovatic And Me.
    My Lovatic And Me.
    This involves a fan who gets bullied and cuts and his idol really helps him and looks after him.
    Oh I get it sorry I get confused easily
    6 years ago
    It's okay (:
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