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I'm a writer studying to be a non-profit social media manager and trying not to lose the childish magic of storytelling.

I love jazz music almost as much as I love dogs and exploring my city's downtown square. I have also been known to eat 2000 calories of Chipotle burritos in one sitting. :)

some thoughts on happiness + being a kid

it's funny how things change.

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  • PoeticSpaghetti

    mumbled "Hey look I logged on"

    I haven't done anything on Movellas in months (besides read a few stories here and there). Then I remembered this morning that I had planned on doing a summer-long project on here, so here I am.

    If you'd like to follow my last summer at home before I go away to college, favorite this story so that you'll get notifications to check back every day!
    88 Days: A Journal MemoirI graduate from high school next year, which means that I only have one summer left free of bills and adult responsibilities. So the only logical thing...
  • PoeticSpaghetti

    mumbled "Accountability buddy?"

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    I've started delving into my first full-length novel this evening (plans have been up in the air, but now I'm finally getting things in motion) :) I'd love to have someone to help critique chapters/scenes as I write them and, when I'm done, brainstorm titles and help with final editing bits. Please let me know if you're interested!

    The book is fantasy and sci-fi, if it makes a difference. There are humans, beasts, and magi (wizards and witches) fighting each other across a solar system.
    Sariously, Dude
    1 years ago
    I'd be willing to help :)
    1 years ago
    I run a review store, I'll help! :)
  • PoeticSpaghetti

    mumbled "how does one do nanowrimo with no ideas?"

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    So I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year, as I've done every year for the past three years, and I have a bit of a problem that I wasn't anticipating...

    I have no novel inspiration.

    School and life has just sucked the creative energy from me and I can't seem to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and write without feeling utterly deflated halfway through the first sentence.

    What do?
    1 years ago
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    I would lurk on various writerly sites and character quizzes and prompt things and such until you find one thing that excites you - like one character or one place or one random line from the middle of the story you haven't written yet, then just go with it and base your entire thing off that and see if you can ramble for 50,000 words lol
    1 years ago
    ^Sounds like a good idea xD
    Or go through your really old/unfinished work and see if there's something you like the idea of playing around with and writing about for nano?
  • PoeticSpaghetti
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    This sounds fun! My NaNo username is aqua711 (I use the same name for all my writing websites lol)
    The Great NaNoWriMo Race 2016
    The Great NaNoWriM...
    The greatest race of the year is back! Sharpen your pencils, buy a huge stack of paper, charge your laptops. November is coming . . .
    Molly Looby
    1 years ago
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    Adding you now!
PoeticSpaghettiIf you live in the US, your parents legally cannot prevent you from traveling once you're eighteen since you're an independent adult by law and have the right to do what you want (unless there are other special circumstances that say otherwise).

However, I get the sense that you're not from the US, so the best advice I can give you is to continue to do small-scale trips when you can and let your parents know how you feel about the way they treat you. I would also recommend joining GoWonder, a girls' travel group on Facebook. I believe it's listed under 'GoWonder - Girls Travel.'

Best of luck :)
1 years ago
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