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    Scared. It pretty much speaks for itself. That simple word, scared. That is the word I choose. That is the one word which everyone can relate to. Scared, that is how I felt on this night. Scared.
    I have nothing. There is nothing left. No friends, no family- nothing. I am hungry and homeless. Just another lifeless moron stuck on the streets. My only possessions slung over my shoulder, my sleeping bag and backpack. That is all I have.
    Why? Why me? I ask myself this every day. Why me?
    Anyway my past doesn’t matter, neither does my future. The only thing I need is the now. And the thing I need now is food. I have ten pence in my pocket- not enough for food; I will have to beg. Beg. I am a Beggar. You know, one of those ‘beings’ who sit on the pavement asking for money. The ones who are ignored, but shall always be there sub-consciously in people’s minds. That is me.
    I have found a doorway. It is small, but cosy. I lay on my sleeping bag. Waiting. I do not know what exactly waiting for; I suppose I’m waiting for someone generous to pass and give me some money or even food. The frosty wind is blowing onto the iceberg of my face. I am cold and hungry.
    A young business woman passing gives me money. I say “Thank you”, but I don’t think she hears me. 46p. That is the only money I have. It is enough. There is a newsagents open on the opposite side of the street. I roll up my sleeping bag and sling it, with my back pack, over my shoulder once again. I leave the safe company of my doorway. I enter the newsagents; buy a packet of crisps and a small drink; I leave to return to my doorway, but there is some else there. He is big and bulky. I am small and weak. There isn’t even a point in trying- I will lose.
    I leave. I look in many other doorways, although they all seem to be taken. I go into a park. I lie on a stone cold bench. And that is where I stay.
    You could say that this is not the traditional sort of horror story you would expect; this a horror story. I was cold and alone. I died that night. There is no other horror than that.
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    i love ur story
    Jordan Philips
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    Hi, thanks for entering but this hasn't been counted. Please make sure that you upload it as a new movella and enter it into the competition using the 'Join This Competition' button in the corner.
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