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"Stick Boy liked Match Girl,
He liked her a lot.
He liked her cute figure,
he thought she was hot.
But could a flame ever burn
for a match and a stick?
It did quite literally;
he burned up quick." ~ Tim Burton


My name is Emily and I aspire to become a published author one day.

I dream of writing fiction that people can connect with, that they can relate to and can aspire to understand. I want people to understand that, even though these stories are set in worlds which may not exist, they are not alone, and others are going through the same thing.

I dream of helping people through things they may struggle with, even if they cannot begin to comprehend what the world is like. I want to give people somewhere they can be themselves and express their true worth.

Most of all, I want people to be accepted for who they are, without any judgement, without any fear of being rejected, or pushed away just for the way they are or what they look like. I want people to feel comfortable with standing up and saying 'stuff you! I'm happy how I am, and that's all that matters.' I want people to be able to wake up every day and not feel like they have to be someone else, just to fit in and be accepted.

That's my dream. That's what I aim to do.


23/03/2014- R.I.P♡

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