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    Loving it so far! Could you perhaps introduce neymar? I adore him ��
    Lionel Messi-Barcelona
    Lionel Messi-Barce...
    Lionel Messi is arguably the world's number one footballer. He scores hundreds of goals in his career, but what happens when he is injured and Barcelona signs another world class player, Cristiano Ronaldo,...
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    Aptitude test
    Name: Caitlin
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Faction born into: candor
    Appearance: brown hair, blue eyes, tall, ivory coloured skin, quite skinny
    Characteristics: funny, calm and honest (obvs)
    Friends: Christina, Al and Peter (before he turned evil)
    Favourite things: listening to music, sports and eating!
    Background info: older brother went into dauntless and mysteriously disappeared so I want to find out where he went
    Family: mum, Helen. dad, David and older brother Idris
    Talents: finding the truth in others and also knowing how to react around boys
    Hobbies: singing and dancing
    Best trait: honesty
    Favourite colour: blue
    set two
    Leave being tricked
    Find a way into the tree
    Continue until I can't go on
    Realise it's poison
    Get involved in a debate
    Aptitude Tests
    Aptitude Tests
    Have you ever wondered what your aptitude test would have been like? Not just the result of your test, but also what would have happened in the testing room? Well look no further, I've created this Movella...
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    Oh and I think I'll choose dauntless to find my older brother
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    Hi! Could I have one with Ashton and Luke, they both like me so they are fighting over me (make it romantic and dramatic!!!) you can come up with the rest my name is caitlin xxx
    Book of 1D and 5SOS Imagines :D [Closed Until Further Notice]
    Book of 1D and 5SO...
    This is just for the Directioners and 5SOS Family :D Just a book full of imagines, some may be short, some medium, some long.
    Ok, I will soon
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    4 years ago
    Thanks xx
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    Well what the hell
    Love is Easy
    Love is Easy
    Ashley is starting her first year at high school. This school has a tradition, The Slave Auction. Seniors bid on freshmen and make them do what they want for two weeks. Every year there's a group of the...
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