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We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not Forgive, We do not Forget, Expect Us!

hi i am a high ranking anonymous member and i am only on here for two reasons

1. to stop a potential danger that has accured between a young girl and an older male but that is my business to deal with

2. contact me at if you want to join anonymous and think you have the programming and hacking skills it takes

  • Anonymous_admin.107
    I am posting this to you to keep you safe. I know everything about you well. Do not think I am trying to hurt you. It is my duty to warn you that the guy you have been talking to and emailing, Dillan, is a very dangerous person with over 23 warrants on his name to different addresses around the U.S. I have seen him multiple times because I live there.
    BabyGirlBooo ❤️
    I talk to him numerous times...
    And he isn't dangerous
    @[BabyGirlBooo ❤️ ] if you need any more information on the subject or need to talk any more please check your emails

  • Anonymous_admin.107
    Hello Emma Dunclaf, I know that your friend/ex-boyfriend said he was a part of anonymous but that was false information as you probably know. For your information I am a high ranking member of the Anonymous Hacking and Social Corruption group.
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