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I'm keepin it anonymous :))

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    mumbled "Hi there - let me get this straight"

    My name is Anne onymous and i am 15 years old. I am super stupid half the time but I don't mean to be. Lately there has been some issues and being me, I'm going to address them.

    Recently, my mom has been playing these videos on our TV about these boys called BTS. NOW I already knew who they were and decided I liked them around christmas break but I wasn't as crazy about them until all of these cute things she was showing me. So I decided I was in love with them but I had NO idea it was crazy to like a worldwide topic and steal the spotlight away having people not care about you :o where's the spotlight? I mean Jesus, if you think there's a spotlight on you maybe no one cares about YOU that much.

    I can like whoever I want. I am not the person to follow someone or try to ruin someone's life unless they have done me wrong. Ugh this is so frustrating because im typing on a phone.

    I have plenty examples on one person that acts like a narssasist on movellas. But I won't bring them up because this person did nothing wrong to me besides say no one gives a fuck about me and supposedly i was under a spotlight that belonged to her. Lol okay...

    I also really love cardi b. She is so funny and so relatable. She's like your feelings on the inside that you can't get out when you're in public. I spend my days watching her after school quite a bit along with BTS, RIVERDALE, GLEE, TEEN WOLF AND the stuff I post on here is inspired by my real life, not someone else out there under the imaginary spotlight

    Don't even get me started on TEEN WOLF! I am so obsessed with this show! People at school judge me and call me emo for watching it, but I just go "fuck you" and continue on with life! I love Isaac Lahey so much and a huge mistake TEEN wolf had that I noticed is, THEY DIDN'T BRING HIM BACK FOR THE 6TH SEASON?!?! WTF??!

    I don't really like vampire diaries, but I've watched it. It makes me feel weird on the inside for some reason. I love Charlie puth!! He's so cute and so talented.

    In real life, I have a crush on this boy and I have a for a year now. He recently asked me out but my mother said NO NOOOOOOOOOOO.

    but it's okay, I would have been so awkward.

    I love to write on Movellas! I have been on this platform for more than 5 years on three different accounts because I can't ever remember the password. Movellas is my favorite site on the internet and I really enjoy it.

    I am no longer ashamed for who I really am in public. I let people know I love BTS I love TEEN WOLF ,cardI B, Riverdale, writing - I let them all know that I am a nerd no matter how my friend group looks or how I act in public. I still have a life somewhere where people shouldn't judge me, where people -some people are kind :)

    I would really just like the glass writing sites lol. I write a lot of love, mystery, adventure, and science fiction.

    Also, in ever book I write, I make sure that it's diverse. Sometimes I don't even think twice and I have an Asian as the main character and a Muslim as her best friend. I include every race BECAUSE I LOVE EVERYONE WETHER YOU'RE BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN, MUSLIM, MEXICAN, ANY RACE.

    ily man.

    One last thing you should know about me.

    I won't take your bull, so don't test me, BECAUSE HONEY, I have fire that burns over a billion degrees

    I love you all who have really kind to me here I'll tag you.

    @[Amaan.s_official] @[Kasythesurvivor ]
    @[Book Maker]
    @[Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)]
    @[3 SECOND LUKE]
    @[Katie pharaoh]
    @[Little miss author]

    Some of the tags didn't work though.

    There's more people I want it tag i just cant remwmber their usernames!!!!

    Sorry to vent, but I hope before you say something about me that is inaccurate, I'd like to correct you until you know what you've done wrong
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    love yaaaa
    Book Maker
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    Thank you for considering me as a kind person to You! You're so really kind to me and each and every one of us in Movellas and.
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    Thank you so much
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    mumbled "The end of the year"

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    I have been struggling in school. Can anyone relate? If not please help all you smarties! My biology teacher is really the "I pick favorites" type and she lets all my grades go down. Math is easy, I just messed up one test. And English was because my 5 page essay wasn't good enough! How was freshman year for all of you?
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    A B C D E F . E is below a 64
    Anne Onymous
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    F is below 60
    3 hours ago
    F is just when we have like 0 or they fail us
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    My year long crush asked me out right? I panicked and I said, "One second." I called my mom and was like:

    Me: Can I go to old town square with [crushes name]

    mom: what? no.

    Me: *hangs up*

    Crush: So,....?

    Me: Can't, but that doesn't mean I don't want to.

    Crush: *blushes and nods while walking away*

    Me:*Stabs self 30x in the heart*
    congrats. at least now you know your crush likes you back
    Anne Onymous
    1 days ago
    @[Kasythesurvivor ] lol ehhh...the thing is, he's the nicest nerdiest jock i've ever met in my life. He could just be acting nice as always. ever since my friends ruined my life by letting him know I like him, he's just always been trying to include me in things.
    maybe because he likes you too. You never know.
  • Anne Onymous

    mumbled "JungSHOOK"

    When Jungkook reacts to Normani he literally looks like a little boy experiencing his first nudes. Jin looks like he's enjoying it. V looks like he is a disappointed dad.
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