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  • annelise5sos
    This story is so stupid
    Emma Tramway entered a contest to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer for a two blissful months. She never thought she'd win. Now, she's a seventeen year old girl, alone with four boys and the management. Unexpected...
    Eleanor Calderxx
    3 years ago
    Getting negative up in here... Sorry that you didn't enjoy the book, but we are tying to make it better and more realistic. We worked pretty hard on this book and it's really rude of you to just go and tear it down... But, I guess everyone has their own opinion. Just a word of advice for the future... Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Once you have people hating on you then you will get what I'm saying. Don't go being rude on people because trust me, karma's a bitch.
    3 years ago
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    @[annelise5sos] You just mad because you ain't getting Luke's D and Emma is. Jealously of a fictional character will only get you so far girl.
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