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    Hi I'm new to the fan fiction and read that you want ideas for one of your story's and her is my idea. My name Lily have black hair with dark brown eyes with glass and is shy she live in Italy with her parents when they get in a car crush the mom and dad die and she lives and have to move to live with her long lost cousin Liam from one direction a new adventure she have to go with the fame of the boys in the way she fall in love with one of the boys. I will leave up to you how she will fall in love with. And she like to draw. And her fear are heights and spiders. Like to learn new things. The age I will leave it to you to. Have a nice day and hope to read your story soon. And one last thing she is Liam cousin from his dad side. :)
    One Direction and Justin Bieber  imagines (can be dirty)
    One Direction and...
    any kind of one direction and Justin Bieber imagines you could want just tell me about your self and if you want it clean or dirty can also be more than one boy KIK me at: lesly_horan
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