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I love books, they are my life! :) If you ever so much as dis in the smallest way TFIOS you will probably be butterknifed... Not to sound scary ;) nah, I'm really Amity, but I'm gunna transfer to Dautless! (I also love Divergent.) I Love you :)

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    Ok, my test!
    Name: Eliana Skye Jones
    Faction of origin: Amity
    Family: 1 younger sister called Mia and mum and dad still together and both alive.
    Friends: just a few close ones called Sofie, Ruby, and Lily
    Hobbies: All the more interesting and extreme sports like skiing, high ropes courses, water sliding :) also dancing and acting.
    Enemy faction: Candor. Not cuz I'm from Amity I just don't like it.
    Fav object: my books. I have a reason but it would take so long to put it all into words and figure out the right words.
    Questions: Help an elderly woman cross the street or cross by myself so I can cross faster? Help unless I'm really late for something.
    Kill a suffering bird, do nothing, or free it and hope it survives? Free it and hope it survives.
    Tell your parents the fish dies by itself or tell them you spilt the tank? Tell them how you accidentally spilt the tank and be very sad and remorseful about it.
    Umbrella or bucket of water? After some thought, bucket of water, you can chuck it on people, or yourself, or both!
    Tell a friend you did well on a meth test you did badly on or tell the truth? Tell them I did badly. They don't care haha!
    Help a friend illegally or help a friend illegally? It depends entirely on what kind of help it is.
    There you are! First one WOOO! I hope I did it right! :)
    Aptitude Test
    Aptitude Test
    So you can see how your aptitude test would have went, and what your results would be.
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    Thanks! I'll have your aptitude test, including what it would look like in the next chapter!
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