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My name is... Julia H. and I am a girl full of dreams...!
I write for fun, it's not my passion or my life.
My favorite books are the Harry Potter series and the Percy Jackson series!
And do you know who's beautiful? Read the third word in this sentence! ^^

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    Can you please update?
    The Secret Styles (Harry Styles Fanfic)
    The Secret Styles...
    Elise was pregnant with Harry's child when he cheated on her. She left their shared house, virtually disappearing. What happens when Harry and Elise meet again two years later?
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    Title: To the Past
    Author: Julia H.
    Summary: Draco Malfoy goes back to the past and falls in love with Lily Evans.
    Images: Draco Malfoy and Lily Evans
    Mood: Mysterious but bright

    Cover Requests▲Closed
    Cover Requests▲Clo...
    Hey...I'm back!!! So if you need a cover look in the chapter below what I will need.
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    Hey Zoe, can I join the Shadownight family? You guys look really nice!
    4 years ago
    Look, I wish you could, but we're really full! We've decided we don't really need anyone else. BUT there is a distant cousins to the shadownights, the Scarlettes!
    Julia H.
    4 years ago
    Can I join the Scarlettes then?
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    Once Again, Frozen...Elsa has power over snow and ice. She is the queen of Arendelle. Her sister, Anna, married Kristoff and had a child. Elsa, at first, didn't know who to...
    Remember Me?*Winner of the Love is In the Air Competition* Lily Brooks was a girl who went to a normal school in California. She thought that boyfriends and kissing...
    Timothy's FireworkThe Marcher family recently experienced the lost of their youngest member, Timothy. Now, the entire family is torn up. Melanie, who knew him best, is havin...
    Half-Blood*A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover* It is true that Harry and Ginny love each other. But one day, Ginny met a man with dark hair and green eyes....
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    Hi, I just joined!
    My name's Annabeth and I love writing, reading, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter!
    So.... Does anyone else like Percy Jackson or Harry Potter?
    4 years ago
    I do, more Harry Potter though
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