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    Lannah Jordan wants to know why Jessie Astin is so in love with Victoria Kendrick, when jessie talked to her for three days and dated her for five days. However, Lannah and Jessie were talking for about a month. Jessie says, "Why can't anything go my way?" Jessie has Lannah head over heels for him.
    Lannah knows that in any situation Jessie would choose Victoria over her any day, but in Jessie's eyes, that's not true. Jessie and Lannah are on ooVoo. Jessie doesn't have a complete answer to lannah's question of why he is so in love with Victoria, because he really cares about Lannah and he doesn't want to lose her. Lannah is head over heels for Jessie, but he doesn't exactly know how to respond to that answer without Lannah taking it the wrong way. There has been dead silence for almost three minutes now. Lannah is tryig to hold back the tears, yet he still has not answered.
    Jessie has no idea how he is feeling right now. Lannah just poured her heart out to him, she's teared up and a few tears slipped down her cheek, but not just letting them al go just yet. Jessie is still trying to process the whole thing while Lannah is anxiously waiting for an answer. She feels that she is not good enough for anything. Jessie is telling her not to think that way. She says that he might think about her sometimes but not the same way that she thinks about him. Jessie asked her "somtimes?" Lannah asks herself all the time what could've been if they had not broken up.
    Lannah just wants to give up on even trying to be more than best friends. Jessie feels the same way, bt he just doesn't know how to tell her. While Lannah was saying all of this, she 'muted' Jessie, and she just now 'un-muted' him. But Jessie never really was muted so that he would purposely hear what she had to say, but she just didn't have the courage to say to his face. Jessie said that he was still thinking, Lannah said, " don't think just listen. Give you a chance? for what, to be your best friend when you know that it kills me. Jessie just said, " how do you know that i don't think about you like you think about me?, exactly you don't.... I see it the same way you do."
    Jessie could have gotten her back, but it seems as if he didn't even try. Lannah wants him to be able to see through her eyes, how much he means to her. Lannah thinks maybe then, he could answer her questions. Maybe, just maybe, it would open up his eyes and he could see how it is on the other side of this situation. Lannah didn't want to have to repeat everything that she just said. Jessie thought that it'd be nice but she didn't have to. They both started smiling and joking around again. But, Lannah doesn't want to get hurt, and it's taking her time to trust him that he is not going to hurt her. Jessie had said that he's coming here to my house, and that he would be right back and he has yet to return for almost ten minutes now.
    Lannah now has the anxiey of watiing with him tonight. She texted him and asked where he was. Jessie said that he was thinking and breathing. He told Lannah that he was sorry that he was taking so long. Lannah had asked Jessie when he was coming back and he said that he feels god awful. Lannah was wondering why. He finally returned to the screen and lannah said," look who's back!" Jessie sent Lannah five text messages saying: to be continued..........
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