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I'm part of a secret organization called by the acronym S.A. S.
A group of master spies, assassins and specialist warriors or shinobi's trained to defeat the chocolate master and take back the candy kingdom. We've been battling the chocolate master's army for century's but to no prevail we never succeed. As the new generation of S.A.S. we will do our best to avenge many of our fallen ancestors and take back what's ours. and ooh, have world peace ^_^

1. When encountered by one of us do not worry, we do not go for the kill unless we smell threat.
2. We may not kill you but stay away from us as possible.
3. We may blend in and look like ordinary people but when you recognize us do not attempt to talk or smile and just pretend to be a tree or anything motionless because we tend to be paranoid and might hurt you in the process.
4. Remember these 3 words when you encounter the likes of us Stop, Stare and Walk away.
(and lastly)
5. when you see a person dressed all in white, with a cap on their head and a stet dangling around their neck. RUN AWAY from them, they are the enemy.

*people, people. Ignore my weird description above. I'm just bored and nothing else to do. haha
I have one serious thing to say now:
Well...CONGRATULATIONS you've certainly read this far!!!
[face palm]
This is the weirdest weird you'll ever encounter. *smiles awkwardly*

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    mumbled "Inspiration, where art thou?"

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    Got lost in track lately because of stuffs coming up. Inspiration and ideas haven't been visiting me, but I know they'll come eventually. And i hope i can finish writing this story by the end of the month *fingers crossed*
    Brain. focus and stay with me @_@
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